Fall Outdoor Sessions in Central Park
I am so excited to offer Fall Outdoor Sessions in Central Park.
These special sessions are perfect for an Individual or a family photo shoot.
I am offering outdoor sessions as we can safely social distance.

For your outdoor session, we will meet at the benches at the entrance to Central Park on W 72nd St & Central Park West (Across the street from The Dakota).
We then will walk through the park and take photos at several different locations within the park.

What to wear for fall outdoor sessions?
1.The most important aspect of the fall session is color.
Choose 3-4 colors to build family's outfits around:
yellow, mustard, orange, navy blue, olive green, khaki, gray, brown, rust-brown, different shades of red such as burgundy, ember, and maroon. Make sure clothing has been pressed.

2.It is time to say goodbye to your summer clothes.
Choose cozy things to freshen up your outfits: sweater, blazer, shawl, plaid blanket, denim jacket or skirt, jacket, collared cardigan.

3. Don't forget about layering.
Since it is getting colder by the day, you also need to wear something cozy and layered. The weatherproof packable vest, sherpa jacket, or cardigan look great.

4. Your clothes should be comfortable.
We'll definitely be walking around, throwing leaves, and having fun during the session. Make sure your clothing is comfortable for outdoor activities.

I am truly looking forward to your session!
Gorgeous locations in Central Park
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